Picture of 20 Premium
With a shorter 20mm pile height, Luxigraze 20 Premium gives the appearance of a freshly cut lawn all year round
Picture of 27 Super Luxury
A top of the range, exceptionally lush artificial grass, Luxigraze 27 Super Luxury is a superior quality for garden lovers
Picture of 30 Luxury
Luxigraze 30 Luxury is a luscious, soft artificial grass, designed to provide a beautiful, realistic looking lawn
Picture of 30 Premium
For a natural looking lawn, Luxigraze 30 Premium is the perfect choice
Picture of 32 Luxury
Luxigraze 32 Luxury is designed to look as stunning as natural turf
Picture of Luxigraze Adhesive 310ml
This super strong adhesive is easy to use, and can be very effective when used for either installation of new artificial grass or maintaining existing areas
Picture of Luxigraze Cleanser 5Ltr
Luxigraze Cleanser is simply diluted to use as a general cleaner which is great for freshening up your artificial grass
Picture of Luxigraze Jointing Tape 20cm Wide
Luxigraze Jointing Tape is specially constructed for use with Luxigraze Adhesive
Picture of Luxigraze Spot Cleaner 1Ltr
Luxigraze Spot Cleaner provides the home owner a quick, easy way to clean and protect against bacteria and fungal growth on their artificial grass
Picture of Luxigraze U Pins 150mm x 30mm x 4mm
These unique shaped, galvanised Luxigraze U Pins are tapered at the ends to help pierce through weed membrane and the latex backing found on the back of artificial grass