Picture of Alps Cushion Box

Alps Cushion Box

Ideal for keeping cushions out of sight and protecting them from the weather the Alps Cushion Box is an attractive and practical tidying solution.

The chest's small footprint makes it perfect for siting by front or back doors, on a patio or in a garage or workshop.

It offers plenty of space for cushions and is attractive with its weather-resistant weave on aluminium frame construction.


- Simple & quick to wipe down & maintain with very little effort
- UV stabilisers are added to protect against fading & the fibres are also colour fast
- Tolerant to all types of water including sea & chlorinated water
- Insulating seal applied to the inside of the weave for greater waterproofing
- Suitable for indoor & outdoor use



Resin wicker on aluminium frames



Mixed brown weave

Sorry, this product is not currently available.